True Love

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Enslaved In Pain By True Love So, there was this girl who showed fanciness to me. As the days went by, I figured inside that I have a thing for her as well. We were so good and made promises that we will be waiting for each as there are things that have to go […]

Making The Most of Short Poems

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Short poems are used by people who want to express how they feel in a totally different way. There are a lot of people who are unable to express how they feel in a normal conversation and writing a poem is a very good alternative. One of the best reasons why a poem is a […]

Poetry For Kids


Whether you are trying to get their imagination going and want to teach children how to write poetry, or whether you want to find great Poetry For Kids to read, there are many online sites that are dedicated to poetry for younger audiences. Poetry is a great tool for creativity, for development, and for teaching […]

Love Poetry

She She stood in the doorway, her eyes perpetually focused on my belongings I gathered the last of my things, concerned for would come next We dreaded this day, yet up until then, we hadn’t spoken a word of it The void of discussion would not change the outcome, we both knew this Her tears […]

Impact of art on human health

Impact of art on human health

The impact of art on human health has amazed doctors and therapists for years, and continues to impress specialists. Usually art is prescribed as a method to help cure certain conditions, aide in mental health and social health, and motivate individuals to express their creativity. A large factor that plays a role on the impact […]

Use The Language Of Flowers To Say ‘I Love You’

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  Plants and flowers are an integral part of human culture. In addition to providing food and medicine, flowers have long been used to express emotions such as love and sorrow. During the Victorian era, flowers became a type of language because each sentiment and emotion was assigned a type of flower bloom to symbolize […]

The history of Emily Dickinson as a famous poet

Emily Dickinson

Emily Elizabeth Dickinson was born in December 1830 in Massachusetts. She hailed from a good family that was associated with good community ties. She first attended Amherst academy for 7 years before proceeding to Mouth Holyoke Female Seminary. Even though the locals though of her as a strange person, she was still able to rise […]

Poetry – To Read or Not to Read That is the Question

For most people today, the only time they ever read poetry or a classic book is when they are in their high school English literature class. Television and the Internet have become far more accessible over the last 20 years, so much so that children as young as 7 or 8 have a TV in […]

The Top 5 Children’s Poetry Books

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Poetry is widely considered to be one of the most provocative forms of writing and has become a favourite choice of many writers, poets, teachers and parents to encourage children not only to read but also help them express their imagination. Unlike adult poetry however, children’s poems are largely constrained by the need to rhyme, […]

20th Century Women Poets

Rita Dove

Poetry is one of the most evocative and emotional forms of writing and so it is no surprise that many of the most influential and inspiring writers of the 20th Century have used poetry as their medium of communication. There are a number of women who are considered to be amongst the most influential poets […]